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Friday 20 July 2018

Time flies!

Whoa... I can't believe its been almost a full month since our last post! The roofers have gone and we now have a brand new roof over our heads yay!

they were kind enough to leave the scaffolding here for us to use as they don't need it for whatever job they are doing right now. It's been super handy and I've gotten quite used to climbing up and down on it.
Here's a shot of one side half done.
We've finished one side of the house now and you can really see the difference in the above before / after shot. It's been fairly uneventful over the past few weeks. We kind of overdid it one day and needed to take the last week off just to catch up. We've played a lot of video games in the past while and I think mum is addicted to Planet Nomads.

Today we finished up that side of the house and moved the scaffolding to the front of the house. I need to remember to take the camera out with me so I can take more shots.... The attic window is totally rotten and needs to be replaced. And the lumber for the deck is all here and waiting for me to dig some post holes. But I want to get as much of the exterior cleaned up while we still have the scaffolding. The pressure washer has been amazing and saved me so many hours of scraping and sanding.

The upstairs bathroom is on hold while I decide what tiles I want to use. Mum thinks the ones I was planning using won't work very well as they are too thin in some spots and quite thick in others and won't hold up to a bit of abuse (We're looking to make them out of concrete). So I'm back on the lookout for something interesting that we can make. Having the 3D printer is handy as I can model and print samples out to compare.

Well I'm off to find someplace cool this afternoon as it's uncomfortably warm in here today. Looking forward to the fog returning!

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