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Sunday 1 July 2018

Roofers and Bathrooms

Well the roofers came and are still here.  It has been 2 weeks of banging and shingles and nails.
Tony on the roof.
They have been doing a awesome job on a hard to do roof .  That and the rain and having to re sheave the roof it is slowly getting done.

Great shot of the before and after new shingles.
We ended up having to put 43 sheets of plywood as the existing roof was starting to dry rot and we unsure whether or not it was safe enough for them to be climbing on.  They looked great from inside the attic but were powdery on the outside.  Better safe than sorry.

lots of discussion about what needed to go where and how it was to be done.
Sure looks nice.

In the mean time Tyler and I have been putzing around not being able to do much outside. Important to stay out of the roofers way........ raining shingles.  The other day we started on the upstairs bathroom.

Old musty wallpaper and wainscot. 

It was time to take it all down and start from scratch.  Going to take lots of prep work to be able to paint and tile though.
Needs new drywall.

Much of the original dry wall will need to be replaced as the paper on the outside of the plaster is pealing off.  That is what happens to old houses that are left for 6 years without heat or love.  Condensation builds between layers and everything comes apart.

A little color to the day.

It is amazing how much larger the room looks once the wainscot has been removed.  How much better the bathrooms smells as well.

Tyler hard at work...worried about his plumbers but. LMAO
Everything comes apart.
Now comes the fun part.  Fixing holes, replacing drywall and ripping out the mystery no water shower. 

The mystery no water shower.

Looks so much bigger

And of course the kitties had to get into the thick of things.

Sam helping with the wall paper removal.


  1. Ah, ha, ha! Plumbers butt!! Glad you are having some fun while toiling through your 'big adventure'. Nothing more gratifying than ripping drywall off the walls. Enjoy.

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