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Saturday 12 February 2022

Wall is Gone!

 It has been slow work and stiff and sore work.  Not put in as many hours as we would have liked but the walls are still coming down.

Ok I had to show off a little bit.  

Old buildings are amazing and I am always amazed at what people do when remodeling.  3" nails when 1" would have sufficed.   Staples, omg the staples.  We have a pile of ruff painted 1 x 4's that will take a month to remove all the staples.

The floor has been the most interesting though.  We removed the grey top indoor/outdoor carpet only to find a purple indoor/outdoor carpet and then discovered a spot that the subfloor (or at least the latest subfloor) had disintegrated to find a gold carpet underneath. 

And we cant forget the peal and stick tiles......  A little bit of everything.

We have found a few treasures though.  Look at the stubby beer bottles.  Pilsner.  

Still having fun even though I'm tired and stiff and sore.  Tyler decided to give me a few days off (4) although I think he needed them just as much as his mom.  

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