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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Back to work

Geeze it's been almost a month since our last update! Time flies! 
It's been pretty quiet the last few weeks. We took a trip to Halifax for mums birthday and wow do I miss the city. The house is great and all but yeah... I think I might be a city person.
We've almost finished power washing the outside of the house. It's taken way longer than I expected but we're still on track for finishing the outside of the house before winter. The big livingroom window is sitting in Home Hardware waiting for us to give the OK for it to be delivered but I'm hoping to start the deck later this week.

Meanwhile Sam has decided that he's going outside and has been very adamant about it. So it's harnesses back on and out we go. 

Mum keeping an eye on Carl while he grazes.
Me keeping an eye on Sam while he grazes.

Sam of course is super happy to be outside and does this bounding hop with his tail straight up in the air.

On another front we've been playing around with acrylic pours and making cell patterns. It's really cool and you have no idea what it's going to look like until it dries (Which takes a few days). Even overnight it changes colours as the cells develop. 

One of mums creations
Toxic pond. Another one mum has made
My first attempt!
A close up of the cells

And a final little note we opened an Etsy shop to sell mums wire wrapped jewelry and our paintings. But more on that next time... I see mum is climbing the scaffolding outside so I better get my butt in gear and finish the last bit of power washing!


  1. Update please? More pictures please.... C.

    1. Oh my bad.... Thanks for keeping on my toes C! And here's the latest: